Value From The Ground Up™
Rayonier's silvicultural practices increase the value of each successive generation of trees planted.

Seed orchard in Hoquiam, WashingtonSince 1956, our nursery program has produced nearly 1 billion tree seedlings. Our Elberta nursery maintains approximately 100 acres in production with an annual capacity of 30 million seedlings. In addition to softwood pine species, our Elberta nursery gives forestry consultants, land owners and wetland reclamation specialists the added benefit of direct access to 25-40 million pine seedlings.

At the seed orchard in Sequim, Washington, Rayonier geneticists work to improve the quality of our tree stock by selecting the fastest-growing, locally-adapted trees to produce seed. These seeds are planted and the seedlings are then grown in the nursery for two to three years before being planted on our lands.

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Kelly Doughtery Our tree improvement efforts allow us to create seed stock that produces faster-growing, straighter and more disease-resistant seedlings. These seedlings are then paired with sites that suit them best and planted in our forests.
Rayonier has planted more than one billion trees in the Southern U.S. during the past 50 years.

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