Value From The Ground Up™
Helping protect our watersheds
Working forests benefit local water supplies in many ways. At Rayonier, we employ best management and sustainable forestry practices to minimize our impact on the delicate ecosystems surrounding lakes, streams and rivers.

For fish to thrive, streams and water sources need to remain cool and clean. The trees on our land help block the direct sunlight, which would otherwise heat up streams and disrupt fish habitat. Downed trees and logs, and other large woody debris contribute to healthy streams by providing areas for the fish to feed and spawn. During harvests, we follow Best Management Practices to create streamside management zones or buffers to maintain the valuable shade.
Forests also help protect the quality of surface and ground water supplies.
Water quality is a vital part of a healthy forest, Rayonier’s timberland site preparation includes careful consideration of water sources. Through intentional road layout and use, as well as site-specific forest management plans, Rayonier generates value while remaining protective of the water quality of our holdings. In fact, before we replant, we thoughtfully and thoroughly plan for leaving a buffer near watersheds.


Discover how we help protect salmon and steelhead, which are vital to the culture and quality of life for local Native American tribes in Washington state.
By working with The Nature Conservancy, more than 3,000 Rayonier acres along the Clearwater River in Jefferson County near the Washington coast were placed into conservation. The TNC plans to manage the 11-mile long river corridor to improve salmon habitat.

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