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Public Trails

Rayonier’s timberlands contain many special and unique natural spaces, and Rayonier is happy to allow public access to several of these designated areas. As a general rule, permits and/or licenses are required for access to Rayonier land. Please visit to determine whether a permit is available for the land you are interested in. However, permits are not required while on the following roads, trails, and/or lakes.


The majority of the forestland south of Port Gamble part of Kitsap County’s Forest Heritage Park and is subject to the County’s regulations for access.  Part of the trail network extends onto Rayonier properties adjacent to the County Park. These trails are accessible to the public, for free, without a permit.


Kitsap County has obtained a trail easement connecting the trailhead off of Hansville Road to Lower Hawks pond. Portions of this trail cross Rayonier properties and are accessible to the public for free, without a permit.


The public can access Tarboo Lake via the County road for free, without a permit.


The road to the Mount Jupiter trailhead crosses Rayonier property and is open for walking or bicycle, for free, without a permit.


Rayonier is continuing to provide the Department of Fish and Wildlife with an easement that allows parking for fishing and access to the dock on Teal Lake. The public may access Teal Lake and the facilities via Hwy 104 to Teal Lake Road for free, without a permit.


The public can access Sandy Shore Lake via the County road for free, without a permit.


The public can access the trailhead via Mina Smith Road to Rayonier road D-5000 to the D-5600 to the 5609 for free, without a permit. The roads may be closed for active operations, extreme fire hazard conditions, or other safety related reasons. Please note that CB radios are required when traveling on Rayonier roads.

Signage at the access points may explain the requirements for that area. Rayonier does not provide recreational services, lifeguards, or any other improvements in these areas. We ask that the public respects our land and leaves it in the same or better condition than when they arrived. Rayonier may revoke public access in certain situations, such as misuse of the lands.



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