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Portfolio Management

Our Ongoing Quest to Raise the Bar of What’s Possible

Our employees see More than trees when they put our strategy to continuously improve our timberland portfolio into action. They also see more than data. 

While we have the cutting-edge technology to help us process data faster than we’ve ever seen it before, we also have the expertise of a dedicated portfolio management team that works with a cross-disciplinary group of subject matter experts to use that data to make the best decisions for our investors. 

With this approach, we are well positioned to identify potential value drivers for each investment opportunity.

“We’ve acquired more than $800 million in timberlands since 2014. These acquisitions have measurably improved the overall quality of our portfolio, particularly with respect to timber inventory, soil productivity, and log market diversification.”

- David Nunes, CEO

Our priorities

  • Improve the quality of our portfolio through active portfolio management, buying land that upgrades our portfolio and selling land that is less strategic.

  • Build scale in strong-performing markets by focusing on regional supply and demand tension, proximity to customers and strength of end use markets.

  • Improve our age-class distribution to ensure a sustainable yield of recurring cash flow from timber harvest.

  • Maintain a disciplined approach to portfolio management by employing a rigorous, data driven framework to evaluate buy and sell decisions.
Decision Making

Making decisions the Rayonier way

We don’t aspire to grow just for the sake of growing. We aspire to increase Net Asset Value using a disciplined decision-making process that involves employees across several departments, including foresters in the geographies most intimate with the properties we may buy or sell.

For instance, in considering an acquisition:

  • Our Inventory and GIS teams use biomathematical models, geographic information systems and other technology like drones or LiDAR to estimate the quality and quantity of timber and land.

  • Foresters located closest to an acquisition will provide the assumptions used for valuation purposes to ensure they are operationally achievable.

  • Our applied research team will analyze the soils and silviculture regime to determine an acquisition’s long-term value potential.

  • Our portfolio managers will look at a property’s intrinsic value and compare it to similar sales to identify mispriced assets.

  • Our legal, real estate, and finance teams and many others may weigh in, all in an orchestrated effort to quickly reach the best decision for our future.

All of this information, combined with input from subject matter experts, is used to determine the value of an acquisition. 

Our Land Base

Rayonier foresters take great care in managing our timberlands while being good stewards of the environment. Our portfolio includes acreage in the U.S. South, U.S. Pacific Northwest and New Zealand.

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