It's Taken More Than Trees To Make Our Company A Success For Nearly A Century.

Our forests are carefully planned long before the first seedling breaks through the soil. From the passion behind a theory proven true in our research division, to the reverence of a forester managing the same stands of trees for decades, to the persistence of our teams who look at those trees through different lenses, our people are what makes Rayonier stand the test of time.

Just under the canopy of a stand of pine trees, inside our greenhouses, below the shed roof of our headquarters, and in our communities, Rayonier employees are putting our resources to work for you. We take you behind the scenes in this series of Rayonier videos and articles.

  • Our genetics research team shows how grafting helps them save years of time in their ongoing quest to advance the quality of our trees.

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  • Our New Zealand team partners with local conservation organizations, students and Māori to protect the kiwi, a threatened bird that is a national symbol, in the Omataroa Forest.

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  • Our forest rangers work year-round to prevent fires. During fire season, they're ready to respond at a moment's notice if disaster strikes.

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  • Did you ever look at a towering, perfectly-straight utility pole and wonder what tree could have made such a large pole? Some of them come from Rayonier land! Our foresters explain how they find, measure and prepare these valuable trees.

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Our Businesses

How We Make A Difference

Rayonier is on an ongoing quest to provide what the world needs most from our land.

  • Real Estate

  • Land Resources

Responsible for 2.6 million acres of timberlands

Our trees provide homes and refuge to wildlife; clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide; protect water quality by filtering rain; and cool the earth with their shade. Decades after they’re planted, they will become lumber, pulp, paper and other wood-based products. And, just as we harvest trees, we plant millions more every year.

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Real Estate

Creating Places with Purpose

As the communities around Rayonier's land grow, sometimes our properties are needed for a higher use, and that's where our real estate subsidiary, Raydient Places + Properties, comes in. Raydient is on a mission to create places with a purpose, like a country property destined to be a family homestead or a community that brings families and friends together.

* Raydient is Rayonier's taxable subsidiary

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Land Resources

Businesses that meet even more needs while the trees grow.

We believe in sharing our land, putting it to work, and meeting as many needs as we can with our 2.6 million acres. We meet alternative energy needs through biomass and wind and solar farm opportunities. Hunters, campers and beekeepers use our land. And we harvest more than trees, working with buyers to fill the need for minerals, fill dirt, pine straw and palmetto berries.

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100% Certified By The Highest Standards in Sustainability

Rayonier’s land serves a critical role in our environment today and for future generations. Find out how our team protects wildlife, conserves water, improves soil quality, ensures healthy forests and works with our communities.

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Elk on Rayonier Land

Each year, Rayonier makes more than 2.2 million acres available for recreational licensing in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Washington. 

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Rayonier foresters take great care in managing our timberlands while being good stewards of the environment. Our portfolio includes acreage in the U.S. South, U.S. Pacific Northwest and New Zealand.

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