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Mission, Vision and Strategy

Creating Value Around the World


[Rayonier logo]
[Overhead view of a Rayonier forest]
Text on screen: A Rayonier forest begins long before the first seedling break through the soil
[Footage of trees in a Rayonier nursery, employees grafting saplings, collecting pollen, in fields and operating machinery]
Text on screen: We use genetic research to grow healthier, more disease-resistant trees like grafting and controlled pollination. Seeds are harvested from pine cones in our orchards to grow 10s of millions of trees every year. Seedlings are harvested from the nursery and replanted in our forests throughout the U.S.
[Overhead view of a Rayonier forest]
Text on screen: We manage the growing forest for the health of our trees and the ecosystems that depend on them.
[Footage of Rayonier employees in the field]
Text on screen: Our engineers design roads and bridges to impact the forest ecosystem as little as possible.
[Footage of firefighters and machinery, Rayonier employees in the community and the forests]
Our firefighters work to prevent and fight wildfires and we support our communities across the U.S. and New Zealand.
[Footage of forest wildlife]
Our foresters are trained to recognize and protect wildlife habitats. We’ve opened up hundreds of miles of stream habitats for salmon.
[Footage of Rayonier forests, employees viewing data, air turbines]
We seek the highest potential for every acre, working with alternative energy partners, our real estate subsidiary, and offering activities like hunting and beekeeping on our land.
[Footage of tree harvesting]
Our forests are harvesting not only to provide lumber, but also to provide the wood needed for thousands of everyday products.
[Footage of planting with machines and of employees planting by hand]
After we harvest the trees, it’s time to plant again. Most trees are planted by hand. This new forest will be ready for the next generation.


Our Business:

to have the best-in-class assets, operations, disclosure and transparency.

Our People:

to be the preferred employer within our industry.

Our Investors:

to be the preferred timberland investment vehicle for institutional investors.

Our Communities:

to be a responsible steward of the environment and to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Recognizing that our people are the foundation of our success, Rayonier’s culture is centered on empowering individuals to work effectively as a team across functional and regional boundaries to achieve our mission. We stress the need to work collaboratively to maintain a safe workplace, solve problems, manage costs, and realize operational efficiencies. We are guided by our core values – Teamwork is essential, Responsible stewardship, Unleash empowerment, Safety as a way of life, and Take ownership. Our core values come together to form the word TRUST, a perfect description of what brings our values to life every day. We are proud of and passionate about our culture, and we believe that it plays a critical role in enabling us to realize our vision. 

Our operational strategy is focused on creating long-term value from our timberlands and real estate properties through intensive asset management and active portfolio management. 

  • Asset Management: We manage our timberlands based on a sustainable yield harvest, whereby we balance biological growth with near-term harvest cash flows, while also adhering to responsible environmental practices. Our asset management strategy, whether maximizing returns from specific silvicultural investments, making selected investments in our real estate business through taxable REIT subsidiaries, or realizing ancillary revenue opportunities, is designed to extract maximum value from every acre we own.
  • Portfolio Management: Our portfolio management strategy relies upon intensive analysis of supply and demand within localized timber markets, as well as careful due diligence of timber inventory and growth potential. We seek to optimize our risk-adjusted returns by making calculated buy and sell decisions based on objective underwriting criteria.

We believe in maintaining a nimble approach to capital allocation, recognizing that different opportunities will present themselves at different points in the business cycle.  Our capital allocation philosophy is ingrained within our culture, and employs a flexible, rather than prescriptive, approach with a view towards building long-term value per share. We continuously evaluate a full range of capital allocation alternatives – including dividends, share buybacks, acquisitions, debt reduction and capital investments – to determine the optimal means to create value for our shareholders.

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