Rayonier Community Involvement & Charitable Efforts

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Category: In the Community

Rayonier purchased its first forest property in Nassau County, Florida, in the late 1930s. Since then, it has had a strong presence in the county. Company leaders reflect on our past and future in Nassau County.
The support employees, who do not work in the field, got to experience what it’s like to plant a forest of baby trees under the watchful eye of our foresters at this team-building event.
Introducing three contractors who have stood out to Rayonier employees for their efforts to make their working conditions as safe as possible.
The team traveled to 8 states for sessions geared toward helping logging companies set up their own OSHA Safety programs.
It’s been incredible to witness the demand for forest products explode over the past year-and-a-half. Not only do the trees we grow help keep industries running, but they have provided a source of creativity for thousands of DIYers throughout the pandemic. In this series: The Woodworkers of Rayonier, we celebrate the exceptional projects completed by...
Hand tool woodworking leader Tom Fidgen shares how he became an internationally-renowned woodworking teacher—and why he gave up power tools.
Blogger Emilee Anderson shares how she discovered woodworking and became a mentor for other women with an interest in wood-based DIY projects.
In the forestry industry, it’s our business to grow the best trees to make lumber for building and DIY projects. Woodwork DIYers found solace in their craft throughout the pandemic, which gave us the idea: let’s seek out some of the best wood-based DIY projects out there. We started with a contest for our own...
Foresters spend their careers growing trees for the lumber needs of future generations. To celebrate the end use of our work, we created the Rayonier DIY Contest for woodworkers, seeking to see some of the best DIY projects around. We started with our own team. Today, we feature our grand prize winner: Washington State-based Resource...
At Rayonier, we spend our careers growing trees to provide the lumber future generations will need. Now we’re celebrating the end result, seeking some of the best wooden DIY projects out there. We started with our own employees, holding the first-ever Rayonier DIY Contest. Today, we feature the work of Robert Hall, our IT Manager...
Over the past year, the market for wooden DIY projects has exploded. The work the forestry industry does provides the wood, so we set out to see some of the best DIY projects around. We started with our own employees, holding the first-ever Rayonier DIY Contest. Today, we feature Florida-based Revenue Specialist Laura Peacock and...
Forestry companies and Native American tribes are deeply intertwined in Washington state, where they must work together to share and sustain the resources the land provides. The humble Quileute Tribe of La Push shares how the forest is the lifeblood of their rich history.
Something so simple as a gift to unwrap can mean so much to a child going through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with being placed in foster care. Rayonier works with Family Support Services of North Florida to ensure every child in their care in Nassau County, FL, receives 3 Christmas wishes.
Students operated heavy equipment, flew drones and met with foresters as they learned about the many high-demand careers in the forestry industry.
Rayonier’s Kim Sartor is the face of our community giving efforts, ensuring we take an active role in doing good for the communities where we live and work, including volunteering, donating blood and making financial donations to important causes.
Family Support Services has 115 foster children enrolled in its program in Nassau County, FL, and it can be a challenge to provide gifts for all of them. Rayonier’s employees partnered with FSS to buy and wrap three gifts for each of them.
Our New Zealand team partners with local conservation organizations, students and Māori to protect the kiwi, a threatened bird that is a national symbol, in the Omataroa Forest.